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Ramsey County District 7 DFL Convention Hub

Updated: 2 days ago

This is your go to hub for everything you might need for the Ramsey County District 7 (RCD7) DFL Convention!

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Logistical Information for Ramsey County District 7 Convention

Date & Times

Saturday, May 18, 2024

9 AM - Registration opens

10:30 AM - Convention is called to order


Maplewood Sheet Metal Workers Hall

1681 Cope Ave E Maplewood, MN

Key Documents

Proposed Agenda

This the agenda for the Convention

Web Link

Downloadable File:

Download PDF • 90KB
  1. Call to order.

  2. Flag ceremony.

  3. Welcome(s).

  4. Recognition of County Commissioner Victoria Reinhardt.

  5. Reading of Affirmative Action, Outreach, and Inclusion Statement.

  6. Credentials Committee report and resolution of any credential challenges.

  7. Election of convention chairs and parliamentarian(s).

  8. Appointment of convention secretary and other officials.

  9. Adoption of Agenda and Rules.

  10. Election of city delegation chairs.

  11. Endorsement of candidate for Ramsey County Commissioner.

  12. Other business.

  13. Adjournment.

Helpful Information

Proposed Rules

Information for Candidates

Food & Beverages

Snacks and beverages will be for sale for $1 each in the cafeteria. Funds raised will benefit SD44 DFL and help us organize and elect DFL'ers.


Did you know you can donate $75 per person ($150 per couple) to SD44 DFL and get that money right back? Yes, you can! Simply donate to us at, and we will send you a receipt and a form to send to the State to get your refund. SD44 DFL still keeps and uses that donation to organize & elect local DFL'ers.


Congratulations to Kelly Miller on earning the DFL Endorsement for District 7 Ramsey County Commissioner! All DFL’ers are encouraged to learn more about Kelly and donate:


Or, chat us via this website!

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