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Minnesota Miracle 2.0: the DFL Delivered this Session

The DFL-controlled House, Senate, and Governor's Office passed legislation this session that has and will continue to positively impact the lives of all Minnesotans for decades to come.

From 100% green energy🔋 to free lunches (and breakfast!) for school children🍔 and restoring voting rights for felons no longer in prison🗳️ to the largest tax cuts for working families💰, Minnesota is moving in the right direction thanks to voters (like you🫵) who chose progress over hate.

Legislative Summary:

This Legislative Wrap-up above was put together by Representative Peter Fischer.

How you can help: share this post with your friends and social media to get the word out on the extraordinary progress Minnesota has made. We have so much to be proud of! With the Minnesota House, the U.S House, and the President on the ballot in 2024, we must get the word out. The era of gridlock is over.


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